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2016 Garden

2016 will mark my first serious foray into growing produce and I am very excited about it. I want to learn the best ways to grow the best fruits and vegetables for my family.

MEYER LEMON TREE My daughter, Allison, and her boyfriend, Dylan, bought me a beautiful Meyer Lemon Tree for Mother's Day. It arrived with three teeny tiny fruits on it, they lasted a few weeks till the all fell off. Once the temperature was consistently above 60 degrees both day and night I moved the tree to the deck outside the kitchen.  I was pleased to notice several weeks later that more lemon blossoms began to appear. They resulted into 3 beautiful lemons. Every morning we would come down to the kitchen and check their progress.

JERUSALEM ARTICHOKES - amazing vegetable that is perfect additive to potato dishes. They produce beautiful large yellow blooms and grow to over 20 feet in height and I will grow them again next year!
POTATOES - I grew them in home-made grow bags from store bought potatoes that ha…

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